Dhurata Prokshi

Project Coordinator,PR officer

Caritas Kosova


Being committed in society for me was call and important since I was student in high school by volunteering on charity initiatives organised by me.By growing up I decided to study Sociology and build my academic career as a proffesor in Unversity. Being women and aspiring to have a career is not easy anywhere and even less in traditional societies like our society. Life taught me that dreaming about is start,being committed and working hard is the KEY.I achieved to get employed during my studies, first as a english teacher in public school after as a project manager of different projects in Caritas.I worked on "Anti-Trafficking with human beings","Creation of job opportunities for women","How do women in Kosovo vote" ectr. Actually I obtained my MA diploma and I plan to continue my PHD studies in Zader,Croatia.I love to travel a lot while I see my future engaged in international relations.
Webinar: The Fundamentals of Public Speaking http://youtu.be/lwWGaG6NI7g